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Read article written by Hal O’Leary http://www.yareah.com/2013/11/30/2732-opinion-truth-nothing-hal-oleary/

The Truth


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Every Saturday, Hal O’Leary on Yareah Magazine. Read today article: Mediocrity

At the risk of surprising some of you, I think it might be said that there is something to be said for mediocrity. All too many of us assume that to have led a mediocre life is not to have really lived life to its fullest. There are those of us who might consider it a sin to have been satisfied with our mediocrity. There is also the suspicion that without a great passion that drives us to the heights of whatever, life has been somehow wasted.

I once had a dear friend who was convinced that humanity was in dangerous decline because it was losing its passion and with that passion, a purpose. His argument seemed sound enough until I questioned what he meant by purpose… More here http://yareah.com/1622-saturyday-opinion-just-halk-mediocrity-by-hal-oleary/

Hal O'Leary weekly column on Yareah Magazine

Hal O’Leary

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Portrait of America by Hal O'Leary

Portrait of America by Hal O’Leary

From Norman Rockwell’s paintings of The Four Freedoms, this Freedom of Speech depicts the very essence of America as it should be democratically understood. It is we the people questioning authority. We seem to have forgotten that in a democracy, freedom of speech is not only a right, but an obligation. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words… Read more http://yareah.com/portrait-of-america-0563/

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Angelas, por Francisco de Goya

 Os dejo el link de mi último artículo publicado en él periódico Aragón Liberal: 


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