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NBA players likes and dislikes. Read article on Yareah magazine: http://www.yareah.com/2013/11/28/2719-nba-players-passions-yao-ming-lebron-james-michael-jordan-kobe-bryant/

Yao Ming


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Read article and see video on Yareah magazine: http://yareah.com/2013/10/2380-lionel-messi-vs-cristiano-ronaldo-best/

Lionel Messi

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Sexy Men. Today, Yareah has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as sexy man. He is handsome and from 2009, the most expensive football player in history, when he move to Real Madrid.

Read more and see images and video on Yareah: http://yareah.com/2013/09/2193-sexy-men-cristiano-ronaldo-million-per-year-latest-news/

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Sexy men. Yareah has chosen Prince Felipe of Spain, as sexy man of today. He has been always handsome and smart and now, his dedication to the Olympic project in favor of his country has surprised in Buenos Aires, due to his talent in the negotiation and elegant diplomacy. Yes, a great sexy prince! Spain should be proud of him.

Read article and see images on Yareah Magazine: http://yareah.com/2013/09/2116-sexy-men-prince-felipe-of-spain-supporting-madrid-olympic-city/

Prince Felipe of Spain

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Read article and see video on Yareah. http://yareah.com/1910-sexy-men-tennis-player-rafael-nadal-winner-at-cincinnati-masters/

Rafael Nadal

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